Thursday, 26 May 2011

Acces to Private and SYS folder on your MMC without PC


1) Open pre installed fileman
2) Functions - Search(find)
3) Enter private or sys
4) Wait
5) Enjoy
P.S sys is readonly

Some folders
10207114 - Themes
102033E6 - Java Applications
1000484b - Mail folder
10202dce - Installed sis file


• Press menu key, find "File Mgr." (the default file manager) and open it

• Press Options / Find

• You will be prompted to choose between phone memory and memory card. Press down to select memory card
• Type the name of that protected folder you want to browse through: either Sys or Private

• Press Find and wait
• The folder will appear in search results. It should appear the first result if you type its whole name

What will you be able to do?

• Browse through folders, subfolders and files inside sys folder
Copy files/folders from sys to another normal folder
Browse through folders, subfolders and files inside private folder
Move and copy files/folders from private folder to another normal folder
Rename and delete files/folders inside private folder

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