Monday, 30 May 2011

Tricks to reset your Symbian s40 or s60 phone

Here, first two tricks are common for most symbian phones.

Soft Reset: With this trick, mobile settings are restored to the factory settings. But it keeps the games & applications which are pre-installed. To do this press *#7780#
Deep Reset: It is the mostly used and the safest way to remove all the infected files and to fix all the bugs that are caused by some virus affected applications. To do this reset, press *#7370#

 STEP 2: If the problem is big and if you are not able to dial above mentioned numbers then you have to follow the following procedure.
 keep pressing the following keys and switch on your phone while still pressing the keys. The keys are * and 3 and Green(Call Button).

Hard Reset (Touch Screen or When the display is not active)

The Procedure to reset your touch screen phone is way different from the keypad phones.

For Nokia 5800: Press the keys Red(End Call) + Green(Start Call) + Photocamera Button and switch on your mobile holding this keys.

For Nokia N97: Press both the Shift Keys + Space Bar + Backshift, Hold this keys and turn on your phone.
This procedure also suits for E-series with QWERT keypad

For E-series with normal keypad use the procedure in STEP 2


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