Sunday, 15 May 2011

E72- Battery Emergency

Following few tips how to get more of your E72′s battery when needed (Not for a normal daily usage) :

  • Activate the power saving – The E72′s automatically activates the “power saving mode” when battery low. If you would like to activate it earlier, press shortly the power button and select “Activate the power saving”.
  • Change to GSM network – Most providers has two networks: GSM and UMTS. UMTS network supports faster data connection but also requires more battery power. Change the network to GSM to save battery power, Menu -> Ctrl. Panel->settings->Phone->Network-> Network Mode-> GSM.
  • Turn off Bluetooth - Long press on the “Sym” button to turn off the Bluetooth (If it’s ON).
  • Turn off WiFI connection and automatic scan – Menu -> Ctrl. Panel-> Settings->Connection-> Wireless LAN->Show WLAN availability -> Never.
  • Close all other applications – Each running application consumes power, close all unnecessary applications.

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