Monday, 23 May 2011

Nokia N8 bugs

Messaging Delivery Report Bug: This bug seems to be very weird, user have complained that Nokia N8 is unable to show the message delivery report.

Below is the video explaining the delivery report bug.

2. Screen Crashing/Shatters Bug: This is strange bug found in Nokia N8. Whenever you tap on the screen it crashed. All the text and options on the screen mingles up. Video posted below explains it.

3. Nokia N8 Button Screen Tapping Bug: Users are complaining about the screen tapping in Nokia N8. Some users are unable to tap the Nokia N8 touch screen. When ever you tap the screen it doesn’t changes its state. Like if you want to go back and you tap the back button it does nothing! Video explains it better.

4. Wireless Bug: There is a wireless bug reported in Nokia N8, this bug is very very strange. After enjoying wireless internet on your Nokia N8 now you want to disconnected the wireless you will definitely ”Disconnect WLAN” after sometime device will start scanning all the wireless devices again. It seems bit weird.

5. Antenna Bug: There is an antenna bug in Nokia N8 as well. Device can’t catch signals as the signals continues to drop.See the video below to clarify.
Nokia N8 Crashes Everyday: There is a Nokia N8 user from UK, he complained that his Nokia N8 crashed everyday. He has tried to explain his problem with three videos. I am posting all his three videos below.

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