Saturday, 28 May 2011

Rotate The Screen Of Nokia 5700 Without Any Software

As we all know, 5700 does not rotate on landscape using any rotating software!
And even if it rotates, it only does in GALLERY, REAL PLAYER and IM.

So whats the catch? Well u can even rotate it the same way without any software! Only in Gallery, Real player, and IM.

Here's How You Can Do It
-->Twist the phone so that camera starts..
-->Press the right soft key, the gallery will open in landscape mode..
-->Scroll Right So Videos r shown
-->Play any video(it will play in landscape mode)
-->While the vid is playin in landscape mode, Twist ur phone back to its original position
-->The video will remain in landscape mode...
-->Press da call end key(RED)
--> When u r on da standby screen,Press and hold menu button...u will c gallery
-->Open the gallery and exit...
--> Enter the gallery will b in landscape mode.....and will keep on being in landscape until U twist it for camera or music.

Very Simple trick, supports all fimrwares!!!


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